Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Good Stuff - Day Twenty

You're never fully dressed without a smile.
Lyrics from the musical, Annie

When the Munchkin was just a wee babe I loved to dress her up in cute little outfits.  Trips to The Boutique (aka the thrift store) always seemed to yield the sweetest things.  My mama  once commented that I changed her so much it was like she was my baby doll, and in a way she was.  Little boy's clothes just aren't as darling as little girlie stuff!

Well, fast forward a bit ... I still love to hunt down bargains at our favorite Salvation Army store only now she's starting to have her own sense of style.  She loves vintage clothes ... she loves it when it's  not just like what everyone else is wearing.  I love her fashion sense and look forward to watching how she refines it in the coming years.  She has such enviable self confidence and I pray she never loses her sparkle:)

Today's good stuff?
Seeing the Munchkin rock her style.
Tried to post pic but having trouble...check back later

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