Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Good Stuff - Day Twenty-Eight

I want a hot cup of cocoa with a marshmallow or two!
I want a hot cup of liquid love, only the choc’late kind will do!
Phyllis Aleta Wolfe
lyrics from the song "Hot Cup of Cocoa"

Boy Wonder used to be in our county's children's choir back before puberty took his sweet angelic singing voice away.  Those lyrics were part of one of the songs he performed in his last Christmas concert.  He and I were each drinking a cup of "liquid love" today and he started singing it to me in his now "deep as the basement" voice.  It was still good, but it just wasn't the same. 

Time marches on and there ain't a darn tootin' thing we can do to stop it.  Boy Wonder is just shy of six feet.  No longer a boy, but not yet quite a man.  The Munchkin is growing up so fast too.  I went to buy her shoes recently and discovered my baby girl wears women's size 7's!!!  And the Little Prince?  He will always be my baby, but he's making changes too.  He still has that sweet "baby talk" tone to his voice, but his sentences get bigger everyday. 

What was that old ad for Carter's I think?  "If they could just stay little 'til their Carter's wear out," wasn't it?  So true, especially since I just donated three of the most adorable footie pajama's to the thrift store today.  I had to fight back a tear or two as I can still vividly remember all three of my "babies" wearing them.

Today's good stuff?
Listening to my little guy playing make-believe.
He comes up with the craziest scenarios --- such a vivid imagination on that one!

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