Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Good Stuff - Day Ten

Remember that life is a process -- all of it. There are lots of finish lines, not just one. We get to start new climbs, new races, every day. Some days we are moving forward effortlessly, some days we are learning to work through life in other ways. It's all good, and it's all necessary. And you are doing a tremendous job. Reach for the gifts found in the setbacks and decide that tomorrow is a brand new day.

Writing is important to me.  Putting my thoughts into words is such a part of who I am,  I get a little on edge when I don't have the opportunity to write as much as I'd like.  That's been the case lately.  Taking care of dad prior to his death was just about a 24/7 job.  Now dealing with dad's passing and what I call the business of death -- the banking, the insurance and so many other odds and ends --- continues to keep me from doing what I love. 

Today, I got to get back in touch with the "writer within me."  My writing group met to share and critique samples of one another's work.  I used to fear sharing my stories with others, but now I welcome their views and suggestions.  I must admit though, I really love it when they like what I've writtern.  Most of what I do as a wife, mother and daughter goes without much recognition or kudos.  Hearing someone say "Good job!" is nice.

After the writing group meeting, I got to play hookie for a few more hours.  I attended a workshop for aspiring children's book authors.  I'm not sure if that's really my top aspiration, but it's one I'm considering.  After the workshop, I shared a writing sample with a woman from a now defunct writing group I used to be a part of.  She said she loved my story and had always admired my style of writing.  That felt good to hear, but she didn't stop there.  She went to say that she always felt that reading my writing was "like sitting down with a bowl of premium chocolate ice cream that had been taken out of the freezer and had softened to just the right consistency so that one could easily eat and savor each and every spoonful and that when it was all gone it left you longing for more."  Well, that was waaaaaay cool to hear I told her if I ever get published she is so writing something for the book jacket!!!

Today's good stuff?
Two words:  peppermint bark --- 'nuff said

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