Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Good Stuff - Day Twenty-Three

like branches on a tree
we all grow in different directions,
yet our roots remain as one.

I hope you and yours had a yummy Thanksgiving.  We sure did on this end!  My sister-in-law is a good cook --- even if she does roast her brussel sprouts (which, by the way, I found out weren't so bad after all).  But in the end it wasn't just the food that made the day so special, it was spending it with family and feeling the love we share wrapping us all up in a great big hug.  There were a few times that a tear or two slipped out as we thought and reminisced about Daddy, especially when my mama shared what she was most grateful for this year --- 86 years on this earth & 68 of those spent with the man she loved.  She prayed that we all would be as blessed as she in this life.  She then gave us a hand drawn family tree with Daddy and her as the roots and all of my siblings and I as the branches.  Grandchildren's names were on leaves and her great grandchildren's were on apples.  I wish I could post it, but for privacy's sake I can't.  You'll have to trust me -- it's priceless.

Today's good stuff?
The new pair of walking shoes my sweet sister-in-law bought me as an early Christmas present and you wanna know the best part? I didn't even have to step one foot in a store on Black Friday to get 'em ---she did all the work!

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