Friday, November 16, 2012

The Good Stuff - Day Sixteen

Good news!  The plague seems to be lifting on the ol' farmstead.  The Munchkin and the Little Prince have been "incident" free for almost 24 hours --- woo hoo! To say I am grateful about that would be a vast understatement.  There are a lot of less than desirable parts of parenthood -- the dirty diapers, the occasional boogie, etc. --- but the "technicolor yawns" are by far the absolute worst for me.  The absolute worst!

I needed to give myself something to do to get my mind off the spewing episodes, so I did a little "window shopping" on Pinterest.  Several minutes later ---- oh, who am I kidding --- a good hour later I felt extremely inadequate for all the uber-craftiness I don't possess.  I also felt somewhat guilty for all the blah suppers that typically grace the dinner table.  To assuage my mother-guilt, I decided to treat the brood to a culinary masterpiece the likes of which they had never experienced.  I then decided --- Meh! I don't feel that motivated so I settled for a something relatively quick to prepare.  I chose this.  In my defense, this is not a wimpy dish ---this puppy is on steroids!  I love my motley crew and this offering seemed to scream our personal love-language.  You see, here on the farm nothing says "I Love  You!" like copious amounts of cheese.  I pulled out all the stops and whipped together a main dish that should come with a cardiologist's phone number.  I kid you not, there is so much cheese in this entree I probably sent a dairy farmer's kid to college making this bad boy!
And my brood's verdict? It was unanimous --- it's a keeper!  Don't just take our word for it, try it out yourself.  Be warned, you'll have enough to feed a small army.  I fed six (including one teenage boy that eats enough for three) and there's enough for at least another six more hungry mouths or more.  As I said it has mega amounts of cheese, but the recipe makes a ton so you really don't get that much in each serving.  At least that's how I justified it for myself :)

Today's good stuff?
Enjoying some serious comfort food with my peeps.
Behold the power of cheese!
do you remember those commercials?

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