Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Good Stuff 2013: Day 8

Travel, in the younger sort, is part of education; in the elder, a part of experience. 
Francis Bacon, Sr.

The littles and I are on a bit of an adventure.  We have gone on a road trip to a poultry show out of  state.  All three of them will be showing off their poultry knowledge at a national competition.  The Geek couldn't take time off work, so I am doing this parenting gig solo.  My mom thinks I am courageous to trek with the chicklets alone, but I disagree.  I have experience at this sort of thing and while crazy might better describe it, I don't think I am all that courageous.  I am just a Mama Hen seeking out teachable moments for my kiddos and trips like this are full of 'em!

Here's a look at Boy Wonder when he started showing chickens.  He's grown so much as a result of his participation in both 4H and other poultry shows.  Too many trophies and ribbons to count line shelves in his bedroom.  The Munchkin has quite a few of her own now and the Little Prince is hoping to earn some honors this weekend too.

the good stuff --- teachable moments along the way

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