Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Good Stuff 2013: Day 30

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.
Barbara Bush

It is hard to believe November has drawn to an end already.  Thirty days have come and gone since I started this year's look at all the blessings in my life.  There have been good days and bad days along the way, but through it all i sought to see the gifts I have been given.  

Today was a day of highs and lows.  The Geek treated me to an early Christmas present --- a new phone.  I spent much of the day trying to figure out my new "toy" --- not too sure you can teach an old hen new tricks!  Thank goodness for Boy Wonder or I would never have made the progress I did.

The day ended on a sad note when we discovered the Munchkin's pet rabbit had died.  She was heartbroken --- especially since earlier this week a favorite pet chicken died.  Losing two pets in one week has cast a bit of a shadow of sadness on the farm.  I am so grateful the thrill of the holiday season may work its magic and lighten my chicklets' mood in the days to come.

the good stuff --- having a family to hold close in the good times and the bad

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