Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fair Week 2011 - Wednesday

One of the best parts of Fair Week is the entertainment.  Our little country fair doesn't pull in any big names, but the local talent ain't too shabby!  There really is something for everyone.  Contests and games for the kiddies (ex. most freckles, hula hoop and bike give-aways) and the adults too.  Local bands perform throughout the fair.  There's even karaoke for the brave. 

If it's live action you want, it's there too.  The fairgrounds has a large outdoor arena called "The Pit".  This area is a favorite for most of the fair-goers and host a different event every evening at 7 o'clock.  There's tractor and truck pulls, mud drags, two kinds of demolition derbies and motocross.  Because it's such a big draw, you have to be sure to set up your lawn chairs by ten in the morning or you might be in the very crowded standing room only section. 

I tend to steer clear of "The Pit" because it's just a bit too crowded and L-O-U-D for my tastes.  The Geek and the chicklets love it though, so I find something else to do for a few hours.  I did make an exception on Monday for the rodeo.  I've always wanted to see one live and I wasn't disappointed.

Today's fair highlights:

  • The Munchkin won the longest hair contest at a whopping 30-inches!!  In the past, they divided the kids by age groups.  This year they did them all together and the competition was "fierce".  She managed to hold on to her first place title by a mere 2 inches.
  • My pictures did very well in the Adult Open competition.  Both photographs received blue ribbons for quality.  My portrait of the Little Prince was chosen "Best of Class" ... whoo hoo!!!
  • My entry into the creative writing competition got top honors as well.  I'll be bringing home a second "Best of Class" ribbon.  Not too bad for my first year, eh?
  • Boy Wonder continued his quest for Showmanship knowledge.  One of the girls in our 4H club won the showmanship competition for goats so Boy Wonder picked her brain for a while.  Then it was on to the llama tent to learn the finer points of llama showmanship.  Top tip?  How to avoid being spit on. 


yesterday's girl said...

Our family always went to the fair when I was a kid. Just the word fair conjures up excitement. It's amazing that they still have them and wonderful the way your family is embracing it. The Walkers are a force to be reckoned with!

Jill said...

You are going to show us all of the entries, aren't you?

Pamela said...

@yesterday's girl: We are so blessed to have "found" this country fair. It has done so much for Boy Wonder and now the Munchkin too.

@Jill: pics should be coming soon. I've just been too pooped to post them yet :)