Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fair Week 2011 - Friday

My niece and nephew were disappointed to find out I had not given them nicknames on the blog. I would hate to lose my current favorite auntie status so they shall now be known as The Joker and Super Girl.  Very appropriate names since my nephew is a real hoot and there isn't a whole lot my niece isn't good at. 

I had every intention of posting pictures today, but since it is now after midnight and we have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow I have reconsidered. 

So without further ado today's highlights include: 
  • All the kids tried their had ant "Minute to Win It" games this afternoon.  There weren't any ribbons given out, but it was a fun diversion for an hour.
  • The Munchkin and Super Girl took part in the pedal tractor pull again.  The Munchkin left empty handed once again, but Super Girl managed to improve her game and came home with a "Second Place" ribbon to go along with yesterday's "Third Place".  She was disappointed she didn't get the trophy, but this has made her all the more determined to come back again next year.
  • Boy Wonder made some more contacts in preparation for tomorrow's Showmanship Sweepstakes.  He learned how to show a steer and I wish I had captured his face afterwords.  His eyes were as big as saucers and he just kept repeating, "I just walked a 1300 pound steer!".  He has now practiced showing every type of animal he will show tomorrow so he should be in good shape for the competition.  He really is blessed to have this opportunity at this age.  Most 4H-ers don't do this until they are at least 15. 
  • We enjoyed a treat we only get during fair week today.  Ginormous, warm "elephant ears" sprinkled with powdered sugar were just the thing to top off another fun day at the fair.  They were definitely a hit with our out of town guests as well.  

The picture is of The Munchkin at the Princess Tea yesterday.  I didn't take this photo ... someone posted several pictures to the fair's Facebook page (that's actually my hand and camera on the right) This is not the best photo, but it'll have to do for now until I finally get around to downloading  my own.  It does a pretty good job of capturing her pure joy of being in the presence of "royalty" though, don't you think? 

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