Friday, July 29, 2011

Fair Week 2011 - Thursday

First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of pictures this week.  By the time we get home from fair I am barely able to drag my sorry self into the house, let alone think about uploading pictures.  The Geek has been posting to Facebook almost daily so if you have access to that you've seen some of what's been going on. I am hoping that tomorrow will be a shorter day and maybe I can treat you to a few pictures of FAIR WEEK 2011 right here.  As for my poem that I entered, you may have read it before here, if not ... here's your chance now.

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but we have had out of town guests this week.  My niece and nephew from Boston are staying with us.  They came especially for fair week.  I couldn't help but think it was a bit like the city mice coming to visit the country mice.  They have never experienced a country fair in their lives and were so excited to come and be a part of it all.  I am pretty sure they have not been disappointed since they are already contemplating what their entries in the fair will be next year. 

It has been great for my chicklets to spend so much time with their cousins.  We don't get to see them very often, maybe once a year if we are lucky.  Boy Wonder has really enjoyed being able to go "exploring" the fair with them sans parents.  They have accompanied him as he has made his rounds prepping for the Showmanship Sweepstakes and both actually look forward to doing "barn duty" with Boy Wonder --- sweeping out the entire poultry barn and making sure all birds have adequate food and water.  I had worried that they might be too "jaded" to find our little fair any fun, but I think I my worries were for naught.  I am pretty sure I can safely say they will be going home with enough good memories to last a lifetime.

Today's fair highlights include:
  • The Munchkin donned her favorite princess outfit and attended a "Princess Tea" hosted by the Fair Queen and her court.  She was in awe of the Queen's crown and vowed to one day be Fair Queen herself.  Incidentally, the Queen contest is as far from a beauty pageant as can be.  Although the girls were all cute in their own way, they are chosen based on the participation and leadership skills rather than on their good looks.  That's something this Mama Hen doesn't mind encouraging her little chickie to aspire to.
  • The Geek earned the title "Grand Champion of the Men's Over 40 Hula Hoop Competition" --- Whoo!  Truthfully he was the only competitor, but he got up on stage and gave it his best, so if you ask me that man deserves a ribbon just for bravery alone :)  The emcee of the event even managed to convince my 87 year old father to give the hula hoop a try and he wore his "Participant" ribbon with pride all day.
  • All the kiddies participated in the frog jumping contest, with Boy Wonder clinching first place honors for his age group.  The boys all headed out early this morning to a local park to catch frogs.  That alone is a memory my nephew will probably not soon forget.  They had a full bucket o' frogs when one large one manage to dislodge the bucket's lid and made it's escape ... along with all the other frogs that had been caught.  They had to start all over again, but I understand nobody complained.  Apparently boys and frog catching go together like chips and dip.
  • The Munchkin and my niece competed in the tractor pedal pull competition.  The Munchkin was hoping to repeat last year's success and take home a trophy, but sadly that didn't happen.  She didn't care and seemed just as tickled to take home her "I'm a Pedal Puller" ribbon.  My niece took home a lovely "Third Place" ribbon for her efforts.  After the race she immediately informed me she would very much like to try to better her score at tomorrow evening's competition.  The Munchkin can't wait to get back in the driver's seat again either, so I know what's on my docket for a few hours tomorrow night.
  • Today was my parent's 67th wedding anniversary.  My mother mentioned this fact to the emcee at the children's contests earlier in the day and was awarded a ribbon for "Staying Married So Long to the Same Man" --- a feat my mother says was accomplished by the fact that neither of them killed one another.  Too funny!  She wore her ribbon with pride all day too.  We celebrated by dining on fine fair food from a vendor selling broasted chicken and potatoes.  It wasn't fancy, but it was pretty tasty and I am just glad we were able to share their special day with them at the fair.


Jill said...

wow! you have to print your blog and scrapbook it with pics right away to keep those memories with the kids. Fantastic!

Pamela said...

That is my plan :)