Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Good Stuff - Day Eleven

Look back and thank god. Look forward and trust God.
Author Unknown

Looking back on today I can't say it was a the worse I've lived theough, nor can I say it was incredibly remarkable.   It had moments of laughter and tearful times as well. It had its fair share of stress and moments of calm scattered throughout.  Today was pretty much just like most of my days of late --- facing the demands of parenthood and caring for an aging parent all alone. 
I know tomorrow holds pretty much the same agenda for me. Playing taxi driver and personal caregiver to my charges will leave me weary and exhausted at day's end just as I am now.  But am I worried? Not at all.  I am looking back and THANKING God for getting me through it all and TRUSTING that tomorrow (and the next day and the next...) He will continue to do the same. 

Today's good stuff:
Seeing the most beautiful buck cross the road in front of my car and gracefully jump over a fence.  It was the largest one I have ever seen and the sight of it gave me goose bumps. Sadly no photo, but trust me ... it was awesome!

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