Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fair Week 2012 - Tuesday

Thankfully a few prayers were answered and we got a reprieve from the heat a bit today.  Shady spots are few and far between on the fairgrounds and are quickly "claimed" by a lucky few.  Even sans shade, however, today was not too shabby.  Bringing home a few more ribbons and trophies just added to the goodness.

Tuesday, July 24th:
  • Two of Boy Wonder's Photography projects earned high honors.  One set of prints earned Reserve Grand Champion (the BIG ribbon and a nice big trophy) and another set was ranked Best in Class.  In fact, all of Boy Wonder's photos earned blue ribbons for quality.
Photography, by the way, is one of the toughest (if not THE toughest) project areas in which to earn a ribbon -- Boy Wonder makes it look easy
  •  The Munchkin has wicked interviewing skills and flew through her Clover Sprout Project Interview with ease.  Her artwork earned two awesome aqua Clover Sprout ribbons and high praise from the judges.
  • Boy Wonder's first attempt in Fine Arts was a success and garnered another blue ribbon for quality.  The judges complimented his skill and encouraged him to continue on with the project again next year.
  • The teens spent a lot of time exploring the fair on their own today.  Word has it, they are getting our money's worth out of the"All You Can Ride" carnival wristbands we bought them for the week.
  • Mama Hen, the Geek and the Little Prince enjoyed some of the free entertainment and jammed to the sounds of a Jimmy Buffet cover band while sipping $5 per glass lemonade --- the band rocked, the lemonade not-so-much
On the docket for tomorrow:
  • Boy Wonder will be competing in Public Speaking
  • The Munchkin will be trying to bring home a trophy in the Pedal Tractor Pull
  • Watching the Bump and Run Demo Derby
  • Taking the little chicks to the carnival area for a few rides on the ol' merry-go-round.

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