Friday, July 27, 2012

Fair Week 2012 - Thursday

We all slept in today with the hopes we'd finally get our oomph back --- didn't work.  The copious amounts of caffiene consumed with lunch, however, did wonders and and we managed to meet our biggest goal for the day --- to have fun.  We didn't let a little lot of rain stand in our way, we danced in it and made memories.  This IS the stuff folks!

Thursday, July 26th:
  • The Munchkin gave it her best shot at the Pedal Tractor Pull competition, but she couldn't beat out those 6 year old farmboys-in-training.  Princes Pia (aka my lovely niece), however, won one for the girls and beat out some brawny 12 year old lads.  The rain held off just until it was her time to pull and we thought it might be a "no go" but the show went on.  The clouds opened up just as she took the wheel and we got soaked to the bone.  It was all worth it though to be able to take home top honors for her class and one very sweet trophy.
  • The rain pretty much put everything on hold for a bit after that, but right around sundown it cleared enough for the "headline entertainment" to go on with his show.  It was a Tim McGraw tribute artist and he was totally worth sitting in soaking wet clothes just to see him perform.   The Munchkin informed me she thought he was kinda cute (he bore a very uncanny resemblance to Mr. McGraw) and asked if she could please have him for her birthday present.  Gotta love a girl who knows what she wants!
What is in the cards for tomorrow:
  • The Munchkin will try once again to bring home a trophy in the Pedal Tractor Pull. We tried to get the Little Prince to do it today, but he wigged out at the last minute --- maybe he'll get over his anxiety and give it a try tomorrow.  Princess Pia would love to add another trophy to her collection too.
  • The teens are planning on watching the demolition derby --- once again I'm thinking this Mama Hen and my better half are prolly gonna pass --- we just don't dig all the loudness anymore.

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