Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fair Week 2012 - Friday

Today was a pretty mellow day at the fair.  We just kinda hung out and didn't do a whole lot.  We made our daily pilgrimage to the petting zoo.  The Little Prince loves to play with tractors in the corn box (much like a sand box, but filled with dried corn kernels), while the Munchkin gets to hold a bunny or a baby duck. The cousins spend a lot of time hanging out here too.  They get a kick out of holding the bunnies and would just love to take one home as a souvenir :)
The Munchkin also got to do her daily Rock Wall climb.  A vendor brought in a portable rock climbing wall and a couple of bounce houses.  The price is reasonable and the Little Prince and the Munchkin manage to get their daddy to let them have a go at least once a day -- the little man jumps around in the bounce house while the girl climbs the wall.  The Munchkin has even made a friend of sorts with the operator and has gotten quite a few free climbs with private lessons.  She enjoys it and we don't mind 'cuz it helps her not pout about the fact that the teens are off having fun without her.

Other Fair highlights for Friday, July 27th:
  • Because her parents lost track of time, the Munchkin almost didn't make it to the final Pedal Tractor Pull competition, in fact she missed her age group and had to compete with the "Big Boys" in the 8 year old class.  She didn't let that faze her and proudly brought home a nice big 3rd Place ribbon for her collection. Princes Pia decided that one trophy was enough and that the farm boys should have a shot at winning, so she didn't compete again.
  • The Poultry Superintendent awarded Boy Wonder with a coin commemorating the Fair's 75th Anniversary.  Apparently only a few coins were made, so they are extra special.  She chose to honor him because he has gone above and beyond the "call of duty" helping with the Poultry department.  We had no idea he would be getting this acknowledgement and it was a very pleasant surprise.
  • The teens spent some time watching the demolition derby in the rain.  The weather was far from picture perfect again today.  It rained off and on most of the day, but on the plus side it was much more bearable temperature wise.
  • We all took a few trolley rides around the fairgrounds, as we have every day this week.  It entertains the Little Prince for a few moments and we all get a kick out of it too.  The tractor pulled trolleys are okay, but what's really special is being on a horse-pulled one.  There's something about listening to the clop-clop-clop that soothes the soul.  It is definitely one of my favorite parts about Fair Week.
  • Had a taste of my favorite fair food treat -- elephant ears! Mmmm! There's something about that warm, cinnamon-y, sugary goodness that can't be beat!
A Look Ahead to Tomorrow:
  • Boy Wonder will be receiving a trophy or two at the Awards Presentation.
  • Taking a trip to the Swine Barn and seeing what info we can glean from the "pros".  We have just about decided to let Boy Wonder raise a couple of hogs for next years fair.  Also considering some market chickens and turkeys.  All of these projects have limited time commitment (a few months tops) and could potentially earn Boy Wonder a little cash for his college fund. 
  • Saturday night is Motocross Night at the arena.  This is one event we all enjoy watching.  Boy Wonder's friend competes in it which makes it fun to have someone to root for.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.  I am getting a little tired of the wet!

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