Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fair Week 2012 - Monday

Well, we made it through Day One of Fair Week.  It was long,  It was hot.  It was occasionally boring.  Don't let anyone tell you Chicken Showmanship is a spectator sport -- 'cuz it ain't!  That said, it was a successful start to what is one of the craziest weeks of our year.

Monday, July 23rd:
  • Boy Wonder brought home 1st place in Poultry Showmanship for his class (Junior Division, ages 12-15)
  • All of Boy Wonder's chickens placed in the top three spots for his breed and one even took home Reserve Grand Champion for Bantams -- kinda a big deal.
  • Boy Wonder was given the opportunity to "shadow" the poultry judge as he judged all of the birds.  A really rare opportunity for someone as young as Boy Wonder, but the judge (who also happened to judge Showmanship as well) recognized Boy Wonder's strong grasp of all things poultry.  He strongly encouraged him to one day persue becoming a poultry judge himself and putting all that usless knowledge to good use.
  • Mama Hen and The Geek's photographs, as well as Mama Hen's mixed media collage, all received blue ribbons for quality. 
  • Mama Hen's short story won top honors for non-fiction and received Reserve Grand Champion for Creative Writing.
Just a bit of what else lies ahead for our motley crew this week:
  • Boy Wonder will be competing in Photography and Public Speaking
  • The Munchkin will be doing her Clover Sprout thing in Drawing and Painting


Jill said...

You guys could probably wallpaper a room with all of your Ribbons!!

Pamela said...

@Jill: Someday I'll post a pic of Boy Wonder's bedroom wall ... you are not far off :O)