Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Munchkin's First Hair Cut

This just in...

The Munchkin, a two time county fair winner for longest ponytail, has finally had her first haircut.  The spunky six-year old's tresses had reached an amazing length of over thirty inches. 

Fearing she might soon be freakishly strangled by her own hair, the young lady had recently begun placing increasing demands on her ol' Mama Hen insisting that the locks to be lopped off.  Despite her sadness at seeing her sweet pea's baby hair go, not to mention fearing she might do more harm than good since beautician she is not, Mama Hen put on her big girl pants and snipped away while fighting off tears.  The chopped off strands were carefully tied with a satin bow and are expected to be placed in a box along with the rest of the Munchkin's baby keepsakes.

When asked how she felt to be rid of all the excess fluff the Munchkin replied,"It was no big deal."  Mama Hen respectfully disagrees.

Note:  The Munchkin plans to grow her hair long once again so she can make a contribution to an organization that makes wigs for children suffering from hair loss.  She said this first cut was for her memory box, but the next one is all for them :)

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