Friday, December 23, 2011

A Case of Reindeer Flu

Meet Shelvin, our shelf elf.
Shelvin hails from the North Pole where he spends most of his time working for Santa in his toy shop.  Every year around Christmas time, however, he takes a break from his toy making duties and comes to stay with us.  During the day, Shelvin is Santa's eyes and ears ... watching the littles to make sure their "nice" far outweighs their "naughty".  Each night he returns to the North Pole to fill Santa in on all the shenanigans happening on the farm.  Shelvin prefers to do his monitoring inconspicuously, but somehow the chicklets always manage to find him.  This forces him to choose a new location each morning from which to observe.  Mostly he just watches  from his varying vantage points, but every once in a while, he likes to shake things up a bit and that's just what he did last night.

First a little back story.  A while ago, the Munchkin heard the well-loved Christmas song, "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" and she became concerned.  She asked me if I had ever kissed the jolly ol' elf and I guess I hesitated for a little too long.  Her eyes widened and she admonished, "Your silence tells me everything.  You have kissed him!  How could you?  You don't know where he's been and he hangs around with reindeer!  You could end up with reindeer flu, you know!" 

Last night the song came on the radio and she chastised me once again for kissing on the guy in the red suit.  She informed me that there was no way she was ever kissing me again.  She went on and on about how you can never be too careful and that Reindeer flu was not something she cared to ever get thankyouverymuch!  Just to freak her out a bit because that's the kind of great mother I am, I grabbed her and gave her a big ol' smooch.  Let's just say she was not too happy.

Fast forward to bedtime last evening.  Once the Munchkin was tucked in bed and fast asleep, Shelvin got the mischievous idea to paint her nose red (ala Rudolph).  He then tucked himself in amongst her stuffed animals so he would have a front row seat when she awoke.

This morning, she somehow missed seeing Shelvin and came straight to me to say, "Good Morning".  When I saw her, I took one look at her and said with great alarm, "Oh no!  I think you have reindeer flu!  You better go take a look in the mirror!"  She took off for the bathroom and within seconds I heard her shrieking.  She came running to me in tears and telling me this was all my fault.  Can you say, Drama Queen?  She said because I had been kissing Santa, she was ruined for life.  She really laid into me, let me tell ya!  I didn't let it go on too long before I told her to go take a look at Shelvin.  One look at the elf and the evidence (i.e. his paint stained sponge brush) and she turned to me and said with alittle too much sassiness for her own good, "You're lucky, but I still ain't kissin' ya!"

Too funny!  I am sure this will become part of our family lore.  It is one of those stories we'll be still telling and laughing about years from now.  The poor girl will probably have a terrible flashback every time she hears, "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," but it was worth it! 

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