Sunday, June 5, 2011

Look Who's Two

It's hard to believe this little guy is turning two. It seems like only yesterday I was packing to go to the hospital and now my baby is not so much a baby anymore.  Actually, no matter how big he gets (to paraphrase a quote from one of our favorite books, "I'll Love You Forever") as long as I'm living my baby he'll be :)

At two years old he:...

... loves to play hide and seek with his big sister

... loves to try and give his big brother sloppy kisses 'cuz he knows he hates 'em ... such a teaser

..  loves to eat ... in fact, there is very little he won't gobble down

... loves music and he likes it LOUD

... loves to play in the water ... pool, hose, kitchen sink .. he's not picky

... likes to play with his little farm people and his brother's old wild west set and wanna know the best part? he cleans up when he's done!

... hates (and that may not be a strong enough word) getting in his car seat

... must have his wubbie (blue blanket from Grandma Minnie)  and a song sung to him to fall asleep

... is a pretty decent sleeper ... he takes a late afternoon nap and even though he stays up a little late, he sleeps in until 10 or so in the morning and that's pretty sweet!

... loves to give hugs and kisses, but on his terms

I love you little man ... from here to the moon ... and back!


Jill Briggs said...

Happy Birthday little man! Boy has he canged looks.
Hope all are well.

Jill Briggs said...

Whoops, missed the h--he's cHanged looks!

Pamela said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! We are all hanging in there, hope you guys are doing well.