Monday, April 22, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday

I wish it was Sunday ... that's my fun day!

 (quick if you are over 40  --- can you name that tune?)

I can't take credit for the originality of those words, but they couldn't ring truer for me --- especially today.  Yesterday (which just happened to be Sunday --- imagine that!) the Geek and I loaded everyone --- including Grandma --- into the family truckster after church and set out to satisfy a bit of wanderlust.  Despite the constant questioning in the beginning (where are we going? are we there yet? what do you mean wherever the road takes us? can we take a potty break?) we managed to make it a real "fun day" for our flock.

Do you ever do that? Or do you get ansty without a plan?  The Geek and I have never been big planners.  It's led to many an interesting discovery along the way.   On this trip, we ended up "discovering" a hundred year old inn in a town we been to too many times to count.  Not sure how we missed it before, but so glad we didn't yesterday.  The offer of an "Endless Chicken Dinner" drew us in --- having to care and feed a growing teenage boy makes these kind of offers hard to resist.

After a delicious meal and a plan to come back soon to try everything else on the menu, we piled back in the wagon for a bit more exploring.  The natives were starting to contemplate mutiny, so the  Geek steered the ship into a drive-thru and ordered ice cream cones for all.  Gotta love that guy!  With everyone in a near sugar coma, he turned the wheel and steered us home --- belly's full and wanderlust fed until the next adventure.

And now it's Monday.  Boo!

Manic is definitely a good word for today.  I promised to lead our 4H club's craft project for this month's meeting.  The meeting which just happens to be tonight.  Apparantly, I made the promise last September.  I was reminded of said promise with an friendly email this morning.  Yikes!
Do not panic Mama Hen! What 's that thing you are always blabbering to your chicks? "There are no mistakes blah, blah, blah --- only opportunities for creativity"? Well, get off the nest and get creative chickie! 
Thank you internet! I did a quick search on Pinterest for inspiration and glanced around the house for supplies on hand. (thank goodness for my "scrapbook supply collecting" addiction hobby!) I think I have come up with a decent little project --- at least that's what I am choosing to believe at this point.  I need to run into town for a few things, but I think I'm good.  If it turns out, I'll be sure to share pictures.  Oh phooey  ---- I'll share pics even if it's an epic fail:)

Nothing encourages creativity like the chance to fall flat on one's face.
James D. Finley


Jill said...

First heard Manic Monday through a wall and thought it was a parody, but you were singing along! Boob and I took a trip many moons ago to Minneapolis and made our way back using the "back roads" and stumbled upon many interesting things......

Pamela said...


:) sorry you had to suffer through my warbling!

Gotta miss those carefree BC(before chicklets) days sometimes. The Geek and I occasionally pretend we are footloose and fancy free when we make a quick trip into town for milk, dare to leave the chicks home with Grandma and take the long way home.