Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Picture's Worth ♥ Wednesday

I have a lot of post ideas swimming around inside my head today.  So much to share --- so little time to type.  I'll keep today's post short, but I do want to say I've had time to rethink the whole "name the post series" thingamajig and have decided it's not me.  I am not a "cookie cutter" kind of gal so having a "cookie cutter" format is soooooo not me.  One exception --- I will stick with my "A Picture's Worth ♥ Wednesdays" because I just happen to like it and this is my "party" and I'll post what I wanna, right? 

As for the other blog series I had introduced? Meh, not so much.  I know I didn't really give them a chance.  But I know me and I know it just wasn't a good fit.  Before I knew it I'd be having Meltdown Mondays and Time-out Thursdays followed by Stressed out Saturdays and Silent Sundays --- actually I wouldn't have minded the Silent Sundays:)

So what's next for the spotted hen?  I promise lots of fresh stuff from here on out.  I will still post quotes and things I feel are "Too True" and I have no intention of stopping facing my fears and trying new things.  I just don't want to commit to the same format week in and week out.  That's just not me.

Honestly, I am still coming to grips with this whole "I am a writer" thing.  I want need to stop seeing it as something I do when I have the time because let's face it --- I never HAVE  the time!  I fully realize I need to MAKE the time and that's going to take some  alot of discipline on my part --- not always my strong suit.  This writing thing has become a part of who I am in this season of my life.  It would be a waste of the talent God has given me to not give myself the opportunity to grow and improve my craft.  I am always telling my kids not to waste what the Good Lord has given them --- it is past time for this ol' mama hen to take her own advice.
A Picture's Worth ♥ Wednesday
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