Monday, October 3, 2011

Remember When You Were A Kid ....

Remember when you were a kid?
Well, part of you still is
And that's why we make Faygo
"The Faygo Boat Song"
circa 1970s
If you are singing the rest of that song right now in your head, you may have been a kid in the early 1970s like yours truly ... specifically in an area where Faygo brand pop was sold.  I  can still remember most of the words and occasionally entertain my chicklets with a slightly off key rendition.   They sell it pretty much everywhere now and I like to treat myself to a nice cold Faygo "pop" every once in a while ...  with "Rock and Rye" being my favorite, all-time, number one pick.
source: pinterest
Speaking of things from my youth ... the Munchkin and I went to the thrift store today to take a gander at some dress up clothes for her highness.  The actress has grown out of much of her costume wardrobe and that will never do!  Anyway on the way out I spotted this little guy.  I don't think he's vintage (although his tag does say "1969"), but he looks just like one I use to have as a kid and I couldn't resist his 49 cent price tag.  He looks perfect up on the shelf in my "creative space"  smiling down on me with his somewhat creepy clown smile. 
 Is it just me, or could anyone else go for an order of fries and a Coke right about now? 

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