Get Inspired!

There are so many wonderfully creative people sharing their talents out there in blog land.  This page is a work in progress listing some of the places I go when I need a shot of inspiration. 

How 'bout you, where do you get inspired?

Just Where is the Box

My dear friend Jill is a very talented card making/stamping artist.  Having been the recipient of several of her "works of art", I can say that her cards are even more gorgeous in real life. 

Telling Stories

Discovering this blog has been a true "God-instance" (as opposed to coincidence) in my life.  Courtney Walsh always has something to say that speaks right to my heart.  Give her blog a visit and you just might feel the same.

Jolly Goode Gal

To me, visiting Jerusalem Greer's site is like sipping a warm cup of cocoa on a cool crisp night or if it's summer where you are... enjoying a nice cold glass of sweet tea on the back porch.
Enjoy, I know I do!

Dandelion Farm Girl

Marci (a..k.a. Dandelion Farm Girl) is one very creatively inspiring lady and her blog has plenty of awesome ideas sure to help you get your creative juices flowing.

One Pretty Thing

I don't see how anyone can remain uninspired after visiting this site ... seriously, I don't.