Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Today my baby girl turned seven.  Seven? How can that be? 
It seems like only yesterday ---

  • I saw her in the ultrasound for the first time. 
  • I felt her doing gymnastics in my belly and I thought "Oh no, this one's a wild one!"
  • I heard the doctor saying, "Your baby girl is here!"
  • I looked into those big brown eyes and thought, "Wow, she's beautiful!"
  • I sang her a lullaby and rocked her to sleep.
  • I watched her learn to sit up, then crawl, take her first steps and dance for the very fist time.
  • I heard her first words followed shortly by her first song.

And now?
  • She IS a wild one and then some!
  • She's beautiful inside and out.
  • I still sing her a lullaby every evening only instead of "Rock-a-bye Baby" it's Adele's "Make You feel My Love"
  • She practically sings and dances from sun up to sun down
She really is more precious than rubies! 
Happy Birthday Baby Girl! 
I Love You to the moon --- and back!

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Anonymous said...

The Munchkin is a beauty :). My dad and my niece both share this same birthday, and they are both very creative people, too. Seems like a lot of artistic talent came into the world on August 22!