Sunday, January 8, 2012

Look on the Bright Side

It has been a very unusal winter so far with mild tempuratures and very little of the white stuff.  We have a had a few chilly days here and there, but for the most part things have not been too icy.  We haven't been without moisture, however. In fact I am afraid we may soon need an ark if the raindrops keep falling on my head!  The weatherman reported that 2011 was the wettest on record ... ever.  It's just not that I'm complaining ... oh, okay I guess maybe I am a little.  I mean it is winter and Christmas wasn't the same without the snowflakes, you know?  Mud the consistency of chocolate pudding isn't mentioned once in any Christmas carols that I know of.

Look on the brignt side. 

I've been hearing that a lot lately.  Just this morning the devotion I read had a similar message ... try to look for the good in everything and you will be blessed with hope and joy no matter the situation you are in.  I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty good to me.

Look on the bright side. 

There are days when this is easy to do.  Days when the sun is out and all is hunky-dory in my little corner of the world.  But there are days that to be quite honest, I have trouble spotting the goodness.  To be really honest, I have a lot of those days folks!  I think that might be why the Big Guy upstairs has been trying to get me to hear this message.  He's telling me that even in the midst of what seems like a joy-less situation, I need look to find even the teeniest bit of joy.  Because it's there.  It is.  Sometimes it's really hard to see, but finding it will give me the strength and hope (and joy) to make it through another day.  And who couldn't use that? 

I am challenging myself this year to find that slice of goodness in each and everyday.  Not only noticing it, but finding a way to remember it.  I have decided to use a journal to keep track of my joys.  I may not get to it every day, but I hope to make a determined effort to spot the bright spots along my trip around the sun this year. I am sure I will be sharing some of joy sightings here on my blog from time to time. 

Look on the bright side. 

On that note, let me get back to the beginning of this post.  Despite missing Jack Frost's handiwork this winter so far, I can see that it really has been a blessing.  We heat our home entirely with wood and each warm day means less wood burned.  Less wood burned means the wood pile stays around a lot longer.  The Geek works hard to gather, chop and stock up the wood, but it's a tough job.  There's certainly no denying warm days are "bright side" when it comes to gathering wood.  

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