Saturday, June 9, 2012

Some Bunny to Love

What a week!  The Little Prince turned three on Tuesday.  Seems like only yesterday I was holding him in my arms in the NICU after delivery and praying God would strengthen him so that we could bring him home.  Now he runs around the farm like a whirling dervish and I pray God will give me strength to keep up with him!  Parenting is not for the weak ladies and gentlemen!

Speaking of parents ... you know how "they" say kids don't come with instruction manuals when you bring them home?  Well, neither do aging parents!  Remember this little lady?  Ever since her arrival on the farm she has been a little out of sorts.  She's a bit weak and frail and I've had my work cut out keeping an eye on her.  A persistent cough thought to be allergies turned into something more sinister during the Little Prince's birthday celebration and we had to make an emergency run to the hospital drawing the festivities to an untimely end.  Unbeknownst to me, the elderly (heaven forbid she hear you call her that!) react a bit differently when they have an infection.  Octogenarians get a little (or a lot as it was in her case) confused when germies are running amok in their systems.  One minute she was coherent and almost instantly she was extremely off.  My first thought was she might be having a stroke, especially since she had a small one a few years back.  A thorough exam in the ER ruled that out, but revealed something just as life threatening at her age ... pneumonia.  She's home now convalescing after a three day stint in the hospital, but her doctor promises me her prognosis is good.

So a birthday party, a parental health crisis or two (my daddy is still undergoing treatment for wounds on his legs but that's a whole 'nother story!) and the regular craziness that is life, has made this Mama Hen one tired old bird!

In the midst of it all, The Munchkin (who incidentally has grown over an inch and a half in the last two months ... how am I going to cloth this fashionista if she keeps this up? Thank goodness for resale shops!) has become the proud caretaker of this little bundle of fur.  Everyone here on the farm has fallen in love with those big eyes and soft ears.  There's something so relaxing about stroking its (we don't really know if it's a he or a she yet) soft caramel fur.  I fondly refer to it as "animal therapy time at the home":) I think everyone here would agree that when life gets a little out of hand it is always nice to have some bunny to love.

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