Friday, April 27, 2012

The Farm - Population 5 Population 7

Life has a new normal around here once again. We've experienced a population boom as of 11:15 this morning. No longer are we a brood of five, there's two more birds in the flock --- my mama and my daddy are officially residents of the funny farm. Gonna have to come up with a couple of appropriate monikers for the two of 'em 'cuz I am sure I'll be writing about them a bit more from now on. All I can come up with right now is G-ma and The Old Coot ... meh... I'll have to give it a bit more thought.

Maybe after a good night's sleep I'll be more creative. Boy Wonder and I were up 'til the wee hours trying to get this place ship-shape. I don't know that we succeeded one-hundred percent, but we sure made an improvement. Man, can my chicklets wreck havoc on the farmhouse! Of course the fact that a lot of the crap clutter was The Geek's and mine shall be overlooked thankyouverymuch ;)

Gotta give a shout out to Boy Wonder for stepping up and helping his Mama Hen. He's a good kid, but hasn't been too willing to do my bidding as of late. I'm sure it's part of the whole teenage hormonal flux thing he's got going on, but he's been a real prickly pear and it is best to just avoid eye contact with him as much as possible. Last night, however, the man-child surprised me. He (with very little coaxing on my part, mind you) worked his tail off. It gave me hope that when this crazy ride through the "rapids of puberty" is over, he might just turn out to be a decent member of society after all.

It's difficult to decide whether growing pains are something teenagers have - or are.
Author Unknown

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