Friday, May 13, 2011

Big 1-0-0

Apparently Blogger is having a few problems.  I posted this already, but now it seems to be gone along with any comments posted on my blog in the past couple of days.  Oh well, I lose things all the time so no big deal.  If you left a comment, just know I wasn't ignoring you.  For once the mental "pause" is entirely not my fault:)

I can't believe it!  This is my 100th post on this little ol' blog.  Who'd a thunk?  I have seen other bloggers do special things to celebrate this milestone.  Some have contests, but since I have all of two readers...three seemed a little over the top.  I like how some people write a list of 100 interesting facts about themselves.  I thought it would be a neat thing to do.  Unfortunately I soon discovered that I'm not really all that interesting.  So I lowered the bar a bit ...

Here's 50 things you may not know about me.

  1. My favorite color is red. 
  2. I hate balloons.
  3. They freak me out.
  4. I have no explanation.
  5. I love to sing out loud.
  6. Sadly, carrying a tune is a real stretch for me.
  7. This puts a serious crimp in my desire to one day be a backup singer for Sir Elton John.
  8. My favorite flower is the iris.
  9. I am not especially fond of roses.
  10. I was valedictorian of my eighth-grade class.
  11. I may have peaked academically at age 13.
  12. I went to three colleges.
  13. One may have suggested I seek education elsewhere.
  14. I am the baby of my family.
  15. I hate being called that.
  16. I would like to write a novel someday.
  17. The main character has a big issue with procrastination.
  18. It may be slightly autobiographical.
  19. I love to watch "Castle" on TV.
  20. I may have a "celebrity crush" on Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) 
  21. Okay, I do.
  22. Can you blame me?
  23. It's okay, my husband knows.
  24. I like guacamole.
  25. But only the "chunky-style".
  26. Seriously, smashed up avocados make me want to ... well you know.
  27. I would love to try stand up comedy.
  28. I have an arid sense of humor.
  29. I gave up drinking Mountain Dew.
  30. I still drink it occasionally.
  31. I'll deny it if asked.
  32. I love the Wizard of Oz.
  33. Except for the "Oh-wee-ohs" (i.e. the witch's castle guards)
  34. They freaked me out as a kid.
  35. They still do.
  36. I love to travel.
  37. I love being at the airport getting ready to go on a trip.
  38. I hate flying.
  39. I quote lines from movies frequently.
  40. I don't even realize I'm doing it.
  41. I like Swedish Gummy Fish.
  42. I've been to Sweden.
  43. They have fish flavored gummy fish there.
  44. They're as gross as they sound.
  45. I play the piano.
  46. I'm not very good.
  47. I still remember my first recital piece.
  48. I was 10. 
  49. I am now closing in on 50.
  50. I'm not there yet.


Jill said...

1. I thought it was green
6. me too
16. thought so too!
17. hmmm, I see why we're friends
24. Yummmm
25. Same, again!
30. Yeah, I know
49. What! I thought it was forty!

Pamela said...

1. Yeah you're right, I do like green too. It kinda sorta just depends on my mood. I guess I just wrote this on a red day:)

49. Bless your heart!

Courtney Walsh said...

oooh, Nathan Fillion for me too!!! :) And guacamole? All day long. I laughed when you said you had an "arid" sense of humor. hahahaha. So do I and I've never heard it put that way but it made me laugh! :)