Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Living the Life

See that pure unadulterated joy on the Munchkins face? I want that! My life has been whizzing by like a crazy fast carnival ride. Sometimes I'm enjoying the ride, but some days I just wanna slow the thing down and jump off.

I cannot believe it is already mid-September. Where did the summer go? It's like one big ol' blur. I had plans ... lots of plans for Summer 2013. While I did manage to pack quite a bit in a few short months, sadly a lot on my to do list is going to remain undone before the first frost. The leaves are already changing and the birds are "congregating" in preparation to fly south before the snow flies.  How can this be?

As I said, my life has been a wild ride lately. I blogged a bit about my recent hospital bedside vigil, but I want to put so much more into writing and share on this blog. I have just been too busy " living" it to be able to find time to "record" it.

inspired entirely by this pin on Pinterest

In some ways it's a good thing. Too often it's easy (especially as a vintage mother) to not really be in the moment. My mind races and thinks about my to-do list and I don't allow myself to totally connect to the here and now. This summer I made a conscious effort to make the time to enjoy this season of life and savor it all even if it means letting some things slide - like writing.  Even though I haven't been actively writing, I have been brainstorming and gleaning inspiration from each and every experience I have gone through in the last few months.

Homeschool lessons have now ramped up (we homeschool pretty much 24/7, but lighten up the "official stuff" during the summer months) and we are spending a bit more time on the ol' homestead.  Temperatures are dipping and I am sure I'll be back to penning tales regularly before I know it.  In fact, just today I  discovered a wonderful library in a nearby town.  It is a much prayed for quiet haven for a weekly date with my laptop. 

Now if you will excuse me, I have a few more butterflies to chase and a gooey s'more that has my name all over it. 

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