Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's that time of year again...

Fair Week starts tomorrow and this year seems to be on track to being the busiest and funnest yet.  The Geek and I were named Superintendents of Poultry this year.  We joke that it doesn't mean we know a lot about birds, it's just that we were too dumb to say no:)  The job has been a bit of work, but with the exception of one grumpalumpacus grandma at bird check-in this afternoon, nothing to scare us away from doing this again next year.  Granted tomorrow may make us think twice (poultry judging all day long with 200 kids and 600+ birds will be a bit exhausting) but I still think we will be doing this for a few years.  
I'm gonna repost the poem I posted last year on this night before fair week.  I've made a few changes/ additions to reflect those in real life, but otherwise it still captured this craziness spot on.

'Twas the Night Before Fair Week

'Twas the night before Fair Week and all through the house
Not a person was sleeping not even the mouse.

The cousins from Boston had flown in to stay ---
Here on the farm 'til a week from Monday.

The Showmanship clothes were hung up with care,
So Boy Wonder'd look sharp, when he's at the fair.

The Little Prince picked up on all of the tension
As for the Munchkin? She demanded attention.

Boy Wonder searched for his Royal Court cap,
While Mama and the Geek dreamed of taking a nap.

Earlier on the lawn, there'd been such a clatter
Loading up those chickens had been quite the matter.

Away to the fairgrounds they'd driven real fast.
Bird check-in at one and it was already half past.

This year was different, they were in charge.
Their duties were many, the demands were quite large.

New this year too, a trailer at fair.
Spending the night smelling fresh dairy air 

Grandma stayed home, so mama did too.
Lots of back and forth driving -- but what else could she do?

Once  everyones birds were in cages, all watered and fed.
"Everyone back in the car" Mama Hen said.

A quick head count taken and homeward they flew.
'Cuz back at the house, there was still more to do

There were pictures to mount and speeches to write.
They all knew this was gonna be a long night.

The was honey to spin, and paintings to paint.
Mama's patience grew thin, cause saint she just ain't:)

Long after sunset, the projects were done.
Everyone yawned as the big clock struck one.

Up the stairs they all headed and crawled into bed.
This was just the beginning of Fair Week ahead!

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