Tuesday, February 19, 2013


When an illness knocks you on your [bum], you should stay and relax for a while before trying to get back up.
Terri Guillemets

There is a cold of cosmic proportions going round these parts. I managed to avoid it for several days, but I was no match for this bad boy virus. I am down for the count people. I have lost all sense of smell and long for the day when breathing through my nose is again a reality. I look like Rudolph's twin ... except for the whole hoof and antlers thing. I want nothing more than to curl up in my bed with an extra quilt or two and just sleep this thing away. Unfortunately my littles are on the upside of this crud and ( as my bad luck would have it) are now experiencing a huge burst in energy. Oh well, guess I'll just park myself in the recliner, turn the kiddie channel on the ol' idiot box and pray they don't do to much damage when I inevitably nod off.

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